We need help… and that’s okay !


Our main goal is to bridge the gap between the African American community and mental health care with our inclusive, interactive and informative events. Soon, that way we do this will grow from just fun events to various mental health services. You can #BecomeTheSolution and help us open the Safe Space for the event by clicking the button below.

Therapeutic & Case Management Services

  • Individual
  • Adolescent
  • Family
  • Group

Case management will also be available to ensure that client’s therapeutic needs are being met and to act as an added support while client’s are receiving services.

Preventative Services

The Magic Hour is our 12 week adolescent mental health prevention curriculum. We will also have a few others:

  • The Rose Project
  • Boys Cry Too
  • The LOTUS Society
  • Men Cry Too

Weekly Holistic Drop In Classes

Sometimes you need more than therapy and medicine. Sometimes you don’t need therapy or medicine. For those times we offer drop in classes such as Trap Yoga and others to take care of your needs in 5 different categories:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Mental

Mentoring Program

Decoded’s Listening Ear Mentoring Program is for adults and adolescents alike. It offers support, guidance and an opportunity to simply feel heard.

Benefits Of Seeking Help

  • An improved quality of life. Without depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychological problems to weigh you down, you can finally start living your life the way you want to.
  • Improved romantic, platonic and familial relationships. Without the best coping tools, you can’t fully enjoy your time with other people. Seeking help results in much more fulfilling relationships with the people you love and care about.
  • Reduced chance for more issues. Many people with mental illness unfortunately also develop substance addictions and physical illnesses. Getting mental health treatment drastically reduces that possibility. Even if drugs or alcohol are already a problem, dual diagnosis treatment can help with both conditions.
  • Better performance at school or work. Getting treatment for any illnesses you may have and developing coping skills improves concentration, enhances creativity, reduces sick days and days off, increases productivity and more.
  • Encouragement and Support. Seeking help enables you to understand yourself and your personal goals better so that you can work towards your goals. You’ll always know that you have at least one person to support you.